Jasmin Tröstl


Jasmin holds a MSc in physics from the University of Technology in Vienna, in which she focused on experimental physics. Since 2012 she is involved in the CLOUD project as a PhD student in the Aerosol Physics group at the Laboratory of Atmospheric Chemistry at the Paul Scherrer Institute. Her research focuses on the study of aerosol nucleation and growth and their impact on climate at the CLOUD chamber and at the high alpine research station at Jungfraujoch. Her main instruments include a nano scanning mobility particle sizer and aerosol condensation particle counters, which measure size distributions and concentration of ultrafine aerosols. 

Other resources:

Personal webpage - http://www.psi.ch/lac/jasmin-troestl

PSI aerosol physics group - http://www.psi.ch/lac/aerosol-physics-group

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