Jonathan Duplissy


Jonathan Duplissy is an atmospheric physicist.

Jonathan Duplissy worked for more than 5 years at CERN (2009-2014) to design, build and operate the CLOUD chamber, together with the particle physicist Jasper Kirkby. The association of an atmospheric physicist with a particle physicist has led to the construction of the CLOUD chamber in a very innovative way. Jonathan Duplissy was the main operator and organizer of the CLOUD experiment until 2014 when he passed the hand to the new CLOUD Fellows.

During his PhD (2004-2008) at PSI (Switzerland), he worked with the PSI’s smog chamber, studying the physical properties of secondary organic aerosols. In 2006, he got involved into the first step of the CLOUD experiment: The CLOUD CERN pilot experiment, which has similar design as the PSI’s smog chamber (Teflon bag), with the noticeable addition of the CERN PS beam.

While he is still involved in the CLOUD project, he is now moving forward to other fascinating projects, such as ice nucleation studies, at the University of Helsinki.

In 2004, he obtained his Master on “Atmospheric Chemistry and Physic” from University Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand and University Joseph-Fourier, Grenoble, France.
In 2008, he obtained his PhD on “Hygroscopic properties of secondary organic aerosol” from ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

Work experiences:
Jonathan has been working for CNRS (LaMP, Clermont-Ferrand, France), CSIRO (Melbourn, Australia), PSI (Villigen, Switzerland), CERN (Geneva, Switzerland) and University of Helsinki (Helsinki, Finland).


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