Kamalika Sengupta


Kamalika holds a Masters degree in Atmospheric Science from the University of Calcutta, India. Before starting her PhD as a CLOUD-TRAIN fellow, she was working in the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, in a research project that investigated the evolution of clouds in the Indian Continental Tropical Convergence Zone (CTCZ) using satellite observations.

Currently she is a PhD student at the Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science in the University of Leeds working with Prof. Prof. Ken Carslaw, Dr. Kirsty Pringle and Dr. Anja Schmidt. Her work involves understanding how aerosols influence cloud properties and impact the climate. Her responsibility as a part of the CLOUD team involves implementing the global aerosol model, GLOMAP, developed at Leeds, to assess the atmospheric relevance and climatic impact of the experimental discoveries made in the CLOUD chamber at CERN.

Other resources:

Personal webpage -http://www.see.leeds.ac.uk/people/k.sengupta

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