Leonid Nichman


Leonid works at the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences (SEES) at the faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences at Manchester University, together with Dr. James Dorsey, Dr. Paul Connolly and under the supervision of Prof. Martin Gallagher and Prof. Thomas Choularton.

The group is mainly interested in cloud microphysics experiments and Ice nucleation in particular. Ice nucleation has a major impact on different cloud properties and processes such as precipitation, cloud albedo and cloud electrification.

The list of instruments used by Manchester University in CLOUD collaboration, includes, but not limited to:

  • Cloud-Aerosol & Precipitation Spectrometer with Polarisation (CAS-POL)
  • Ultra-High Sensitivity Aerosol Spectrometer (UHSAS)
  • 3-View Cloud Particle Imager (3V-CPI)

Different parameters such as concentration, growth rate, shape, roughness, size, phase and charge of the particles that are measured can provide a better understanding of atmospheric processes and improve global climate models.

Other resources:

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