Markku Kulmala

Markku Kulmala directs the Division of Atmospheric Sciences at the Department of Physics at the University of Helsinki. He serves as a professor at the University of Helsinki since 1996, since 2004 as an "Academy Professor". He also acts as Director for the Centre of Excellence, appointed by the Academy of Finland (Research Unit on Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Atmospheric composition and Climate Change), and for the Nordic Centre of Excellence (Biosphere-Atmosphere-Cloud-Climate Interactions, BACCI). For his research merits, awards include the Finnish Science Prize in 2003, as well as the International Aerosol Fellow award of the International Aerosol Research Assembly in 2004. He is recipient of the King Carl XVI Gustaf Visiting Professorship in Environmental Science and served as a guest professor in Sweden in 2009/2010.

The central research areas of the Division of Atmospheric Sciences include the effects of atmospheric aerosols on the climate and human health, the microphysics of clouds and the connections between the biosphere, aerosols, clouds and the climate.
Under Markku Kulmala's tutelage, the Helsinki team in CLOUD is responsible for the measurement of sub-3nm particles, ions, and their chemical composition.

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