Tuomo Nieminen

Dr. Tuomo Nieminen


Dr. Tuomo Nieminen works as a Post-doc at the University of Helsinki. The topic of his PhD thesis is “Long-term trends and large-scale spatial variability of new particle formation in the continental boundary layer”. His research is focused on the first steps of new particle formation and growth in the atmosphere. The aim is to understand what physical processes and which compounds (sulphuric acid, oxidation products of organic vapors, amines, ammonia, other vapors from biogenic and anthropogenic sources) are involved in these phenomena.

His experience is in analysing size distributions of atmospheric ions and neutral particles, studying new particle formation in different environments, and developing conceptual models for interpreting measurement results. He actively participate in the international projects EUCAARI, PEGASOS and CLOUD.

Link  to his group webpage at University of Helsinki


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