3View-Cloud Particle Imager (2 instruments)


• CPI-CCD:  6< Dp <2000 µm, 2048 x 2048  CCD x 256 Grey Scale, 2.3 µm resolution. Images are recorded at 380 fps.
• 2D-Stereoscopic (2D-S) Ultra-fast 100Hz LED imaging spectrometer for 10< Dp <1280 µm particles . Particles are resolved into 128 size channels @ 10 µm resolution.
Each instrument measures concentration and particle size distribution which are subsequently segregated by crystal habit, 2D projected area, perimeter,  roundness factor As (>25 µm). Ice Water Content are then derived     from this information using habit-mass parameterizations.
An induction ring attached to the outlet can measure the induced current from charged cloud particles passing through it.
(Nichman et al., Abstract AE31B-0442, Fall Meeting, AGU, 2015)

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