UHSAS - Ultra High Sensitivity Aerosol Spectrometer
• Optically measures aerosols in the size range 60 nm < Dp< 1 µm
• Size resolution at 1-2% of particle size, able to resolve and calibrate for multiple charging in SMPS systems. 
• Eliminates sizing uncertainty associated with scattering spectrometers that measure at sizes larger than the excitation wavelength. 
• Particles size distributions collected in up to 100 size bins
• Can output size distributions at rates up to 10 Hz
• Able to count up to 3,000 particles/second
• Uses two detection systems: a primary, highly sensitive Avalanche Photo-detector (APD)-based system to size smaller particles, and a secondary PIN photodiode system to size larger particles
• Compensates for small drifts in laser power via an automatic gain control.

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